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Cocereals is
tradition in Colombia

COCEREALS  has an experience of more than 84 years in the food products market.


A long history that is identified with the development of the best food for the Colombian family.

Learn how a good diet can improve your health:
Eat starchy carbohydrates as the base of most meals.


Eat fruits and vegetables as much as possible every day. Eat legumes regularly. Consume dairy products regularly in small amounts. Eat meat, chicken, eggs, and fish regularly in normal amounts.

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We produce high quality food.

We effectively contribute to the well-being, health and nutrition of consumers.

Our clients are institutions, supermarkets, retail salesmen and households located in Colombian territory.

Our customers ask for reliable products at competitive prices and we must satisfy them.


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To be recognized as a Colombian Company, respectable, reliable, with high quality and leader for the preparation of food.

In the year 2025, be recognized as the pioneering industry in the development of processed food products with native and ancestral raw materials.

Distribution areas



Mayo 2022

Our permanent challenge is the development of innovative products that are in accordance with the needs of society and with the trends and preferences of consumers. 

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Gráfico de la bolsa
Sopa de tomate

Corporate values

COMMITMENT: Deliver products of the highest quality, with properly controlled safety processes.


EXCELLENCE: Excellence is the fundamental pillar to carry out the activities that are carried out on a daily basis SA  and that are a sign of our effort and dedication.  


LOYALTY: We act with loyalty to the Company and to society


TEAM WORK: capacity for self-direction and proactivity to efficiently and comprehensively develop all processes.  


BELONGING: We recognize ourselves as part of the social and natural environments, assuming the commitment to contribute to its permanent improvement. We belong to a work circle and we act for its benefit.


HONESTY: Transparency in our actions and truth are the hallmarks of our work.


AUSTERITY: We optimize our processes taking care of the best use of our available resources.


INNOVATION: Our permanent challenge is the development of innovative products that are in accordance with the needs of society and with the trends and preferences of consumers.  


RESPONSIBILITY: We are responsible in our work and with society.


RESPECT: We value and respect the opinions of our colleagues, suppliers and customers, committing ourselves to society in an environment of tolerance, harmony and healthy competition.

Strategic Objectives


Consolidate the company's sustainability

Comply with quality and safety standards

Empowerment and delegation

Implement product innovation

Achieve development and well-being in each of the employees

Improve operational profitability

Quality politics


We develop, manufacture and market traditional and innovative, safe and harmless food products.


This system is the fundamental pillar of the organizational structure and is based on planned, documented, implemented, controlled processes with sufficient resources.


Our commitment is to satisfy the needs and expectations of customers and consumers, complying with legal and regulatory requirements.


The information of the quality and safety management system will be made through clear, fluid, interactive and effective formal communication channels; both internally and externally.


The skills of all staff are developed with permanent training in skills and abilities associated with the quality and safety of manufactured food products.

Quality objectives

Development of innovative and safe products

Manufacture of safe products

Marketing of safe products 

Establish and maintain a quality and safety management system

plan, document, implement and control processes

Guarantee the availability of resources for the FSMS

Customer and consumer satisfaction

Normative compliance

Continuous improvement of the management system

Training measurement and staff training

Evaluate performance

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